JF Fox Flame

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WYSIWYG Frag - This frag has been grown in captivity for years. It is very hardy and colourful in person.

The "JF" in "JF Fox Flame" stands for "Jason Fox," who is a well-known coral collector and aquarist known for his work with rare and highly sought-after coral strains. The "Fox Flame" is a specific variant of Acropora that is known for its vibrant red or orange coloration, resembling flames, and it's highly desired by coral enthusiasts for its beauty.

Care level: Moderate
Temperament: Semi-Aggressive
Lighting: Moderate to High
Water flow: Medium to Strong
Placement: Middle To Top
Family: Acroporidae 
Common Name: JF Fox Flamee
Size: 1.5" plus large frag

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