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Lobophyllia rowleyensis is a large polyp stony coral (LPS) native to the Indo-Pacific region. It is often referred to as "Rowley's Lobe Coral" or simply "Lobophyllia coral." This species is popular among marine aquarists and is highly valued for its striking and colourful appearance.

Here are some key features and characteristics of Lobophyllia rowleyensis:

Appearance: Lobophyllia rowleyensis corals have large, fleshy polyps with a unique and intricate skeletal structure. The coral's polyps are surrounded by a series of valleys and ridges, which contribute to its overall aesthetic appeal.

Coloration: This species is known for its vibrant and varied coloration. Depending on the individual and environmental conditions, Lobophyllia rowleyensis can exhibit a wide range of colours, including various shades of green, brown, pink, purple, and even fluorescent hues. The coloration can be influenced by factors such as lighting and water quality.

Polyp Size: The polyps of Lobophyllia rowleyensis are relatively large compared to other coral species, making them a visually striking addition to coral reef environments and marine aquariums.

Growth Form: These corals typically have a massive growth form, meaning they form large, solid structures as they grow. They can develop into rounded colonies with multiple polyps.

Care in Aquariums: Lobophyllia rowleyensis is a popular choice among marine aquarists due to its captivating appearance. When kept in a controlled aquarium environment, it requires stable water parameters, moderate to high lighting, and proper water flow. As with all corals, maintaining stable water conditions is crucial for their health and longevity.

Coral Statistics

Care level: Moderate
Temperament: Aggressive
Lighting: Moderate
Water flow: Medium
Placement: Bottom
Common Name: Brain Coral, Lobophyllia
Latin Name: Lobophyllia rowleyensis
Family: Mussidae
Size: 3"

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