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Frogspawn coral, scientifically known as Euphyllia divisa, is a popular species of large polyp stony coral (LPS) in the family Euphylliidae. It is highly sought after by reef aquarium enthusiasts due to its attractive appearance, relatively hardy nature, and the ease of propagation. Here are some key characteristics and information about Frogspawn coral:

Appearance: Frogspawn coral has a distinctive appearance, with fleshy polyps that extend from its skeleton. The polyps resemble elongated, tentacle-covered branches, which give the coral a somewhat bushy or "spawning frog" appearance. The polyps can come in various colors, including brown, green, yellow, pink, and more. In some cases, the coral may exhibit a fluorescent or pastel coloration.

Polyps: Frogspawn coral polyps are equipped with stinging cells (nematocysts) to capture planktonic organisms and particulate matter from the water. They extend their tentacles to capture prey and can retract them during the day or when they detect threats.

Care in Aquariums: Frogspawn corals are generally considered relatively easy to care for in a reef aquarium. They tolerate a range of lighting conditions, from moderate to high, and are adaptable to various water flow rates. However, maintaining stable water parameters, including temperature, salinity, and nutrient levels, is essential for their health and well-being.

Lighting: While Frogspawn corals can thrive under a variety of lighting conditions, they tend to exhibit more vibrant colors and faster growth when provided with high-intensity lighting, such as metal halide or LED fixtures.

Water Flow: Adequate water flow is important to help remove waste and deliver nutrients to the coral. Ensure that water flow is not too strong, as it can cause tissue damage and inhibit polyp extension.

Feeding: Frogspawn corals are photosynthetic and rely on symbiotic zooxanthellae within their tissues for a significant portion of their energy needs. However, they can also capture small prey items from the water, so occasional target feeding with planktonic foods can be beneficial for their health and growth.

Placement: Frogspawn corals are typically placed in the lower to middle sections of a reef aquarium, where they receive appropriate lighting and water flow. It's essential to leave sufficient space between neighboring corals, as they can extend their sweeper tentacles to defend their territory.

Propagation: Frogspawn corals are known for their ease of propagation. They can be fragged (cut into smaller pieces) to create new colonies, which can be attached to rocks or other suitable substrates in the aquarium.

Frogspawn corals are generally considered a great addition to reef aquariums due to their stunning appearance and relatively low maintenance requirements. However, it's important to research their specific care needs and provide them with the right conditions to ensure their long-term health and vibrancy.

Coral Statistics

Care level: Easy
Temperament: Aggressive
Lighting: Moderate
Water flow: Medium
Placement: Middle to Top
Common Name: Frogspawn
Latin Name: Euphyllia divisa
Family: Caryophylliidae

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