Sohal Tang (X-Large)

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The Sohal Tang, scientifically known as Acanthurus sohal, is a species of marine fish belonging to the family Acanthuridae, commonly known as the surgeonfish family. This species is highly sought after in the aquarium trade due to its striking appearance and vibrant colors. The Sohal Tang is native to the Red Sea and is a popular choice among marine aquarium enthusiasts.

Here are some key characteristics and information about the Sohal Tang:

Appearance: Sohal Tangs are known for their stunning and vivid coloration. They have a royal blue body with bold, contrasting white markings on the face and abdomen, which often include white lines and circles. Like other surgeonfish, they also have a sharp, blade-like spine near their tail, which is a common feature in the family Acanthuridae.

Size: These tangs can grow relatively large, reaching lengths of up to 16 inches (40 centimeters) or more in the wild, although they may be slightly smaller in captivity.

Habitat: Sohal Tangs are typically found in the Red Sea and its surrounding areas, including coral reefs, reef slopes, and lagoons. They prefer clear, tropical marine waters with abundant coral formations.

Behavior: They are known for their territorial and sometimes aggressive behavior, particularly when housed with other tang species or similar-looking fish. In the wild, they often establish and defend feeding territories among coral reefs.

Diet: Sohal Tangs are herbivorous and feed primarily on algae and detritus. In captivity, their diet should consist of high-quality marine flake or pellet foods with a variety of fresh or frozen vegetable matter to mimic their natural feeding habits.

Aquarium Keeping: While Sohal Tangs are highly sought after for their striking appearance, they can be challenging to keep in a home aquarium. They require a large tank (at least 125 gallons or more) with ample swimming space and hiding places. It's also important to maintain pristine water quality, as they are sensitive to poor water conditions.

Compatibility: Sohal Tangs can be territorial and aggressive, especially toward other tangs and similar-looking fish. They are best kept individually or in very large aquariums with plenty of territory for each fish. Care should be taken when introducing them to a tank with other fish, and compatibility should be carefully considered.

Overall, the Sohal Tang is a beautiful but demanding fish that should be kept by experienced marine aquarium hobbyists who are well-prepared to meet their specific care requirements. It's important to provide them with a suitable environment and carefully select tankmates to ensure their well-being.

  • Care level: Moderate
  • Temperament: Semi-aggressive
  • Diet: Herbivore
  • Reef Compatible: Yes
  • Family: Acanthuridae
  • Minimum Tank Size: 250 gallons 
  • Size:  X-Large: 6"+

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