Who We Are:
At Saltwater Pros, we are passionately dedicated to delivering an awe-inspiring saltwater display into your home or office. Using only the highest quality products from the best global vendors, we will continuously strive to keep your piece of the saltwater world in balance, providing you with many years of enjoyment. Our goal is to bring our knowledge and passion to your project using our many years of personal experience achieving show stopping displays. This hands-on approach has taught us what works and which corals and fish live together in harmony.

Our Vision:
To create a colourful world and make it better every day for people – for our customers, our partners, and our team. Sustainability is and will always remain a core element of our company.

Our business is built upon a customer first experience featuring a dedicated and enthusiastic team. We offer a free consultation process to ensure that we understand how best to deliver your personal piece of the saltwater world. We believe that we can establish a relationship built on trust and provide you with knowledge and service for many years through this process.

What Makes Us Pros:
We have a passion for all things aquatic. We’re more than hobbyists, we live and breathe the waterscape culture. Our business is built upon enthusiasm, trust and a “can-do” attitude. We’re aquatic architects, constantly constructing unique tanks, while always looking for the most rare and sought-after live corals and saltwater fish. We don’t stop at selling, we provide training and support for aquariums to thrive in homes and businesses at any price point.

Our Saltwater Store:
We have built a brand new store catering to the discerning saltwater enthusiast. Our many years in the coral and saltwater fish industry has taken us around the world to see and source some of the best corals and saltwater fish. Through our sustainable coral farming division, we can offer some of the rarest and beautiful corals for your display. Also, during this time, we have kept our hands on the constantly evolving technology of everything saltwater, which we stock in our store at very competitive pricing. All of the hardware we sell has been personally tested in our systems to ensure reliability and long-term value. We will not sell you something we wouldn't use on our own systems - full stop!

Saltwater Pros is proud to offer a variety of products at affordable prices. We say “Keep It Cool”, because we believe the enjoyment of aquariums is for everyone.

We look forward to your visit, happy reefing!