Bumblebee Snail

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The Bumblebee Snail, also known as the Bumblebee Sea Snail or Bumblebee Shrimp Snail (Engina mendicaria), is a small marine snail species that is frequently kept in saltwater aquariums for its striking coloration and its ability to help control unwanted pest snails, such as pyramid snails.

Here are some key characteristics and information about the Bumblebee Snail:

Appearance: Bumblebee Snails are small, with a distinctive black and white or yellow-and-black striped pattern that resembles a bumblebee. Their shells are typically elongated and spiral-shaped, making them visually appealing in a marine aquarium.

Behavior: These snails are primarily carnivorous and feed on other small marine snails, such as pest snails like pyramid snails (snails that can harm corals in reef tanks). They use their radula, a specialized feeding organ, to drill into the shells of their prey.

Habitat: In the wild, Bumblebee Snails are found in the Indo-Pacific region, particularly in coral reef environments. They are often associated with rocky substrates and areas with a lot of snail prey.

Care: Bumblebee Snails are generally easy to care for in a well-maintained saltwater aquarium. They require a source of pest snails for food. However, it's essential to ensure that they do not exhaust their food supply, as they can become predatory towards other snails if prey becomes scarce.

Compatibility: While Bumblebee Snails are generally peaceful and can be kept with a variety of marine species, they may not be suitable for reef tanks with small, valuable snails that they might prey upon. They are often used in marine aquariums to control the population of unwanted snail species.

Bumblebee Snails are appreciated in marine aquariums for their natural pest control abilities. When considering adding them to an aquarium, it's important to assess the population of potential prey snails and ensure there is enough prey available to sustain them. Additionally, maintaining good water quality is crucial for the well-being of all aquarium inhabitants.
  • Care level: Easy
  • TemperamentPeaceful
  • Diet: Herbivore
  • Reef Compatible: Yes
  • Family: Buccinidae

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