Golden Torch Single Head


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Euphyllia glabrescens, commonly known as the "Torch Coral," is a species of large-polyp stony coral that is highly prized in the marine aquarium hobby. It belongs to the family Euphylliidae and is native to the Indo-Pacific region, mainly found in the waters around Australia, Indonesia, and the Solomon Islands.

Here are some key characteristics and information about Euphyllia glabrescens:

Appearance: Torch corals have long, tubular polyps that resemble the shape of a torch. They come in various colours, including brown, green, pink, and even fluorescent shades. The tentacles are often tipped with a contrasting colour, creating a visually striking appearance.

Care Requirements: Euphyllia glabrescens is considered suitable for intermediate-level reef keepers. They require stable water parameters, moderate to high lighting, and moderate water flow. Proper water quality and nutrient levels are essential for their health.

Feeding: While these corals can obtain some of their nutrients through photosynthesis, they also benefit from supplemental feeding. You can target-feed them with small meaty foods like zooplankton, brine shrimp, or coral-specific foods.

Polyp Extension: Torch corals have polyp extensions during the day and retract their polyps at night, which is a common behavior among many coral species.

Growth: Euphyllia glabrescens can grow slowly and propagate through a process called "fragmentation," where a piece of the coral is carefully cut or broken off and allowed to grow into a new colony.

Fragility: These corals can be vulnerable to predation from certain reef fish and may require protection from potential threats.
Torch corals are known for their stunning beauty and are a popular addition to reef aquariums.

When keeping Euphyllia glabrescens in your aquarium, it's important to provide a stable and appropriate environment with suitable lighting, water quality, and flow to support their growth and well-being. Responsible sourcing and the protection of coral reefs and marine ecosystems should always be a consideration when acquiring these corals for your aquarium.

Coral Statistics

Care level: Moderate
Temperament: Aggressive
Lighting: Moderate
Water flow: Medium
Placement: Bottom
Common Name: Torch 
Latin Name: Euphyllia glabrescens
Family: Caryophylliidae
Size: Per Head


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