Sicce Space EKO+ 100 External Canister Filter - up to 30gal

Sale price$143.99


Space EKO is for customers who want a round canister instead of square and prefer connected baskets that can be removed as a single unit.
Space EKO is the most efficient natural filtration system in the industry today and is great for beginners and professionals who demand clean, healthy environments for their fish and reptiles.
• Quiet
• Combined mechanical, biological and chemical filtration
• Quick tubing disconnect system
• Easy removable of baskets by a convenient handle
• Large bacterial surface areas ensure intensive biological decomposition of toxins.
Unique and practical concept of self-priming system that ships complete with filtering media. The easily removable baskets hold a large volume and variety of filtration media. Maintenance is a breeze. Energy efficiency technology keeps operating costs low.
Space EKO+ 100 includes Akuamat, Bioker, Sponge 20ppi media
3 Year Warranty

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