Tropic Marin ELIMI-AIPTAS 50 ml

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Aiptasia anemones are one of the most widespread pests in marine aquarium keeping. Usually added to the aquarium unintentionally with live rock or coral, these anemones spread rapidly and damage the coral with their stinging ability. Aiptasia anemones and other undesirable stinging organisms can be combated quickly and safely with Tropic Marin® ELIMI-AIPTAS.

Tropic Marin® ELIMI-AIPTAS can be simply injected into the unwanted aiptasia using the syringe included. This does not affect the water chemistry of the reef aquarium. After treatment with ELIMI-AIPTAS the aiptasia anemones decompose.

Tropic Marin® ELIMI-AIPTAS should be used immediately after the occurrence of the first aiptasia, in order to avoid fast proliferation.

For the safe combating of aiptasia anemones
Works quickly and reliably, without affecting the water chemistry of the reef aquarium
Simple application via injection with the syringe provided, directly into the aiptasia
After treatment the aiptasia anemones decompose
Draw ELIMI-AIPTAS into the syringe provided; place the needle on the cone of the syringe and inject a few tenths of a millilitre inside the aiptasia anemone. It is important to hit the aiptasia directly and inject the solution as soon as possible, before the animal has contracted. A white, milky mass will emerge from the creature and surround it. This mass should not be removed, as it enhances the effectiveness of the procedure.

After treatment with ELIMI-AIPTAS the aiptasia decompose. Following treatment flush the needle with clear water and remove it carefully from the syringe.

Attention: To avoid injury, care should be taken when handling ELIMI-AIPTAS and the needle!

Keep away from children!

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