Tropic Marin ELIMI-NP 50ml

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Liquid carbon dosing concentrate for nutrient reduction in reef aquariums. 

For the general health and well being of your reef inhabitants, it's beneficial to maintain nitrate and phosphate at very low concentrations. This encourages better coral calcification while also discouraging excess algae growth. Organisms such as bacteria will consume nitrate and phosphate in a balanced ratio along with organic carbon, but oftentimes the system can become carbon limited and prevent efficient export of the other two. Elimi-NP can help to restore this balance by supplying a controlled source of carbon to the aquarium. This allows nitrate and phosphate consuming bacteria to resume their normal activity and help to export wastes through removal of their biomass. 

Elimi-NP is ideally suited to saltwater aquariums where the ratio of nitrate to phosphate is 10:1 or lower, as this will work well with the carbon concentration Elimi-NP provides. For systems where the ratio of nitrate to phosphate is higher, we suggest the use of NP-Bacto-Balance instead, as this has additional additives to achieve a better balance between nitrate, phosphate, and carbon.  

Key Benefits 

  • Efficient reduction of nitrate and phosphate
  • Increased skimmer efficiency
  • Bacterial biomass acts as nutrient source for filter feeders
  • Suitable for marine fish, soft corals, LPS, SPS, and other inverts
  • Easy-to-dose liquid solution

Dosage Recommendations

  • Begin with a daily dose of 0.1 ml per 100 l (26 US-gal) of aquarium system volume.
  • Adjust the dosage after 2 weeks after testing the nitrate and phosphate concentrations and observing reactions of animals. 
  • Dosage can be increased by 0.1 ml per 100 l (26 US-gal) of aquarium system volume.
  • Dose Elimi-NP into the flow of the pump to ensure proper distribution throughout the aquarium.
  • Store the bottle tightly sealed!

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